One of our favorite things to do here at Driven (and one of the member’s favorite things as well!) is to put together challenges.  If you’ve been following along with our “Member of the Month” write ups for awhile now, you’ve probably noticed that we frequently highlight people who have stood out during one of these challenges.  August’s choice, Meghan Rotti, a longtime standout, recently hit a 20 pound weight loss milestone. The journey to that milestone began with our New Year’s “Revolution Not Resolution” challenge.

The goal of the “Revolution Not Resolution” challenge was to encourage the members to identify what they would like to change or improve, in regards to their fitness.  They were then asked to break those goals down into more manageable pieces that they could work on month by month.  It was self lead – forcing participants to really put the work in if they wanted to achieve the results!  After 12 weeks, “Revolution Not Resolution” concluded in the beginning of April.  Meghan worked hard during the challenge and was able to hit her goals of rehabbing an injured wrist, remaining consistent, being mindful of her nutrition, and tracking her macros. She did not set a weight loss goal for herself because she “did not want to get too tied up over what the scale said.  I don’t like to get tied to numbers, just because I can become a little bit obsessive about it.  It was more about changing patterns.”

Truly taking the spirit of the challenge to heart, Meghan has continued to work hard on the goals she set for herself, and the commitment has paid off!  “I started losing weight with the challenge, and between January and now, it’s just been a culmination of continuing to work hard and being consistent.” 

In fact, Meg has been one of our MOST consistent members throughout the summer – a time when people often find it difficult to maintain their routines. That dedication is what got her through when her weight loss hit a plateau back in the spring.  “There was a while in March, where I just kind of stayed the same weight, which was a little bit frustrating because I thought that I was doing everything right, but I think sometimes you just have to be patient.” When asked how she got over that hump and if she did anything differently, she replied, “Nope, I think it was just the consistency piece of it that did it.”

A seasoned Driven member, Meg now makes some of the workouts look easy, but she insists that that has not always been the case.  “My first time working out at Driven was actually way back in 2011, and I literally thought I was going to die.  After my first workout I thought I couldn’t do it, I just want to throw up, my muscles were aching.  It was really bad, but it’s just about continuing to show up, and you’ll be amazed at what you can do.”

When asked what she would say to a new member who has a weight loss goal, or any goal for that matter, Meghan replied, “I would say consistency & not giving up on yourself.  You have to have a healthy mindset – if you deny yourself all the time you get into a weird relationship with food, so I think just being mindful of what you’re eating is super important. I’m still a sucker for a glass of wine – you’ve got to balance life!”

Despite successfully rehabbing her wrist injury, Meghan suffered a setback during our recent “Battle of the Sexes” challenge.  This was a points based challenge, where the men and women were split up, with each team vying for the highest average amount of points.  Competing against her husband (Luke is also a member here at Driven), only fueled Meghan’s already competitive nature.  She was well on her way to being a top scorer for the ladies, when a sprained ankle forced her tone down her workouts.  The men ended up winning the challenge, however Meg already has big plans for 2020.  “I am very competitive, so he IS (Luke) going to go down on the next one – just FYI.”  With Meg’s level of determination, the men had better watch out!