Member of the Month: Cody Nolette

//Member of the Month: Cody Nolette

Member of the Month: Cody Nolette

In about two weeks Cody will be heading out to Navy bootcamp for lots of fun in the sun. Something he’s wanted to do for the past 10 years. The longterm goal is now just a short time away. After working with him almost every day for the past few months I can say with full confidence that Cody will do more than fine!

He’s not nervous. I know this because I asked him. “Hey Cody are you nervous about joining the Navy?” “Not at all, I feel like I’m ready. I feel like a stronger person, mentally and physically. I just feel better”

Maybe this new found confidence stems from the fact that Cody has been able to put on over 10 pounds of muscle since starting. He’s able to run 1 1/2 miles (which will be part of his PT test) “without passing out”, shaving 7 minutes off his original time. He’s doing well and he’s worked extremely hard for every inch of success.

Back up three months and Cody’s response would have sounded a bit different. Although enlisting in the military has been the goal for a long time, life circumstances left Cody pushing that goal further and further off. Time was the enemy and that enemy had the upper hand.

Cody works as an EMT. Which means long shifts. 24 hour shifts. Which means no energy. In fact Cody had tried in the past to incorporate some training into his busy schedule. He tried regular fitness centers featuring lots of treadmills and machines. It just didn’t work. He was constantly battling fatigue. He would start and very shortly after fall off the wagon. To him his job felt like a workout in and of itself.

Something had to change if he was going to enlist. Tired of putting his goals off, Cody knew he had to find a way to start training despite a busy schedule and low energy levels. He needed to build endurance and get stronger. Luckily for him his dad knew a guy… who trained him for years before opening his own facility. A few phone calls later Cody and I met up and began outlining a plan.

Nothing is easy at 5am. But Cody was determined to make this a priority. So for 4 days a week at 5 am he found himself in our team training program. We didn’t have a lot of time so we had to work hard. He could rest on Saturdays after his last 24 hour shift… after he grabbed his gym stuff and got another session in at 8am. Relentless!!

His work ethic and perseverance has paid off. Although it definitely wasn’t easy in the beginning (good thing he’s an EMT in case he passed out), Cody now admits to having much more energy throughout the day.

He could be lying… but he even says he actually enjoys the 5am sessions now. “I wake up earlier, and get a jump start on the day. The environment is encouraging.”

When asked where he would be if he hadn’t gotten started; “Probably on the couch eating chips, working full time, and pushing off my enlistment”.

At least he’s honest.

Wishing you the best of luck in the Navy Cody! It’s been motivating watching you work towards your goals, and an absolute pleasure having you!