Member of the Month: Chris Coomey

//Member of the Month: Chris Coomey

Member of the Month: Chris Coomey

Chris has been a member here at Driven for almost as long as we have been at our current location (approximately 2014).  His interest in Driven was sparked after speaking to friend who had a membership. Initially, Chris thought he would prefer working out somewhere where he could just go in and do his own thing. After consulting with Hogan about his fitness goals, he realized that the added support and pre-designed workouts Driven offers was exactly what had been missing from his exercise regimen.  “I realized that I probably wouldn’t be as accountable to myself as I would be to somebody else.”  In fact, he already had similar equipment to what was here, in is own basement – but he rarely found the motivation to use it.  Having a coach to be accountable to has made a huge difference in Chris’s consistency. 

With his busy schedule and a one hour commute to his job as an IT manager, he needed a facility that made him actually WANT to take the time to exercise, and the flexibility to do so when it worked for him.  Before finding Driven Chris had worked out at a standard gym that was about midway between work and home. He found it easy to come up with excuses as to why he couldn’t stop on his way to and from his job. ”If I didn’t leave early enough and didn’t give myself enough time to do my workout, I didn’t even bother.  And the same thing coming home.  I would just be tired and didn’t really feel like it.  And again, I was not really accountable to anybody there.”  Motivation and accountability were the missing pieces that the trainers here at Driven were able to provide.  The customized programs and flexible schedule made it simple and rewarding to show up and do the workouts.  

On top of the exercise itself, the relationships Chris has built with the trainers have made all the difference. “When I am only accountable to myself, my results aren’t as good.”  The support that the trainers provide and the rapport they build with the members are both important facets of the environment at Driven.  When asked for his thoughts on the connection between the trainers and the clients, Chris said,  “If I’ve got a good relationship with somebody, I want to maintain that good relationship and I’m going to work as hard as I can to keep that up. And I’ve got respect for him (Hogan) – I don’t want to let him down.” 

Chris recently decided to sign up for our 12 Week New Year’s #RevolutionNotResolution challenge.  This challenge is geared towards helping people to identify what is holding them back from the results they want, and then formulating a three month approach to achieving those goals. The coaches will select the three people with the most impressive results as the winners of the challenge.  Chris decided he wanted in on this challenge as a way to push himself outside of his comfort zone.  He put a lot of thought into choosing his end goal.  After reviewing his previous workout cards, he realized that he hadn’t made a whole lot of progress on his lifts. Chris was able to recognize that he hadn’t really been pushing himself, especially on the back squat – an exercise that he didn’t feel totally comfortable with prior to the challenge. He also realized that he needed to focus on one aspect of his overall fitness at a time. He chose to pursue getting stronger over specific weight loss.  Chris’s goal is to be able to do a combined total of 900 pounds (between back squat, deadlift and bench press).  Driven’s owner and Head Strength Coach, Hogan, has been very impressed with Chris’s progress and effort so far.  “We were able to build a program that revolved around building strength in those three particular exercises. Chris has followed the instructions and weight recommendations to the T. I have no doubt in my mind that he’ll hit his goal because he does exactly what’s I asked of him. He doesn’t skip or give partial effort.  He’s being smart with his workouts, and taking time to do the little things like stretching and rolling out after his lifts. He’s just training smart and without any ego. ” Seeing results from all of his hard work have renewed Chris’s motivation to continue to better himself. Great job Chris – we look forward to working with you in the future!