Member of the Month: Claudio Santoro

//Member of the Month: Claudio Santoro

Member of the Month: Claudio Santoro

If you want to know why Claudio’s restaurant isn’t open yet it’s because he’s busy at his other job. Which can be found across the street, and involves losing weight… like no-bodies business. The proud winner of our recent weight loss challenge is now 20 pounds lighter, moving much better and is a whole heck of a lot stronger.

Claudio had put on about 25 pounds over the past few years. A result of the combination of a new addition to the family, and the hefty accumulation of mental and physical stress that comes from starting a new business (The Ice House Pub!). 

He actively coached his kids in youth sports, and also was a member at a very nice local facility. Unfortunately it didn’t seem to be enough. He often found himself bored. His college aged workouts became monotonous. His gym attendance began to drop off until he was no longer attending at all. His hope was that the manual labor involved in the construction of the new restaurant would keep him relatively fit. Turned out… he was dead wrong. 

However it also turned out that there was a sweet little training facility literally across the street from his workplace that would provide an extremely convenient solution to his problem. Claudio liked the look of the facility and figured he’d give it a shot. “ I knew I needed to do something as I was about to re-enter the food and beverage world. I didn’t want to go further down a path which I already didn’t like. I liked the proximity of the facility and the idea of having 1 hour time slots with pre-coordinated workouts”. This would allow Claudio to get in, get a good workout, and get out to take care of all the business he would have in store for the day.

“I wanted to lose the 25 pounds that I had put on over the last 2 years. I wanted to be able to stay as active with my newest child as I was for the first two”

Claudio decided that this was going to be a priority. “It’s important to remind yourself that you are worth the time to take care of yourself. I made it a priority to carve out the time. There will always be work to do and I don’t think that one hour will make or break anything. It helps that this has been something my wife and I have been able to do together.” 

Claudios favorite part? “The people. The team like atmosphere. I like the fact that the trainers are readily available and responsive to questions or adjusting workouts as I might need. It sort of feels like even though your in a team setting your getting a personal trainer.”

In addition to being 20 pounds lighter, when asked what he’s most proud of: “I can do a real squat. My knees have been pretty much shot since college basketball. I’m also able to make it through a Wednesday workout without being completely whooped. I’m definitely happier with my appearance. If I had been training like this years ago I know dropping weight would have been much easier so I’m definitely getting older. My body doesn’t respond the way it used to. But it’s nice to see that you can still do it if you put your mind to it. “