Member of the Month: Nikki Durand

//Member of the Month: Nikki Durand

Member of the Month: Nikki Durand

Nikki Durand – Member of the Month January 2019

Nikki was introduced to Driven by Megan Podkowka during our “Bring a Friend” week back in October 2018 – and now we couldn’t imagine Driven without her!  She had seen Megan’s posts on Facebook and had heard her speak about how much she loved Driven and how much it had changed her life.  A frequent participant in our popular 9am time slot, Nikki brightens up our mornings with her constant smile, her humorous commentary, and her impressive trivia knowledge! She started off strong with great attendance, and has since made impressive progress in the short amount of time that she has been coming. 

A mother of two young daughters, Sydney & Summer, Nikki was looking for a way to get back into shape after Summer was born.  Parenting a newborn is exhausting both physically & emotionally and Nikki, like many other mothers (as many as 1 in 7) suffered from Postpartum Depression. The PPD on top of an atypical pregnancy and postpartum complications, left Nikki having trouble finding the energy and motivation to get back into the gym. Despite having been a member at fitness facilities since age 15, the environment of the traditional gym wasn’t appealing to her now that she had a small baby to care for.  Designing her own workouts, planning which machines to use, and the actual time it would take to run through her workouts were impractical with a baby at home.  “I had made gains there, I had gotten stronger, but I was always working out by myself. I would go in and do my workout, but when it came to cardio, I wouldn’t push myself on the cardio as much as I felt like I should. So It was lonely….it took too long, and I would get bored.”  The training style at Driven was a solution to all those obstacles – prewritten workouts, simple fitness equipment, on-hand trainers, and 1 hour sessions helped to streamline the fitness process into something achievable & manageable. Not only was Nikki able to actually get out of the house and to the gym, she found she actually enjoyed going more than she ever had before.  “I felt better after coming here. Now I’d say that it’s less about the weight loss than being strong – I feel really empowered and really strong.”

In the few months that Nikki has been coming to Driven, she has made tremendous progress.  Not only has she dropped 14 pounds of the baby weight that she had initially hoped to lose, but she has also advanced her lifts significantly.  For someone with such a slight frame, Nikki is indeed, very strong.  We are currently running a 12 week challenge in which our members were asked to set a goal, and part of Nikki’s goal was to be able to do 2 unassisted chin ups.  One week into the challenge, she realized that she would have to up her goal to 7 chin ups, as her previous goal was far too easy for her!  

Considering her natural ability level, one would assume that Nikki was always an athlete, however she will tell you that it was exactly the opposite. She was never on a sports team & always chosen last in gym class. And although she danced for many years, she felt she always lacked the other dancer’s flexibility.  After seeing her progress here, whether it be through upping her bench press, being a natural at chin ups, being able to climb the rope, or practicing her handstands from her gymnastics lessons – we feel confident in saying that there isn’t much Nikki CAN’T do.

Like many of our members, Nikki says she is sad on the days that she can’t make it into the gym, because it has become such an important part of her life – and not just the exercise component – it’s the community. In her own words, “I say to everybody, ‘This is the best I’ve ever done’ , and its the people, it’s the way it’s set up…..It’s made me a better person.”