Member of the Month: Shawnne Biron

//Member of the Month: Shawnne Biron

Member of the Month: Shawnne Biron

Shawnne has been a DAP member since January 2018.  Her daughter noticed it when driving past, and suggested she give it a try. After walking in the door and talking to Hogan about her health and fitness goals, they decided that the unlimited Team training would fit best with what she would like to achieve and her competitive nature.

Shawnne originally had planned to try to attend 3-4 times a week, however she enjoyed class so much that she found herself attending 5-6 times per week.

Although she has always tried to remain active, she never felt she had found the perfect fit with a fitness routine or facility.  Prior to Driven, Shawnne had tried a range of options – from a big box gym, to Curves, to exercise videos.  All of them lacked the structure she needed to stay engaged and motivated.  She found the big box gym far too impersonal.  “I didn’t know a soul. I’d been going there over a year and never said ‘hello’ to anybody.”  Shawnne was also not a fan of using only the machines to exercise.  “I found those workouts very boring. You’re just killing time, whereas here (at Driven) time’s flying. You gotta finish.  You know you’ve got so many (reps) you’ve got to get done and you’ve got to keep up.” The Team workout environment provided her the stability and structure she needed in order to commit to her workouts and be fully engaged during her time here. Not only did the workouts themselves keep her interested, the people and sense of community Driven offered made her actually look forward to coming to class. “I really like the change up of the workouts. That I DON’T come in every Monday and know exactly what I’m going to do.  They keep it consistent for a couple weeks, but then it changes.  It’s always, always changing.  And then, the people. The trainers themselves, and the people that come here. I just find it so much more personable.”

As our members will tell you, Driven always keeps you on your toes and forces you to push yourself to find what you are truly capable of.  One of Shawnne’s favorite stories is from her third day at Driven.  She had shown up to class and saw that she was going to be working out with, in her words, “older people”.  She thought that this would make class a cinch – but soon found out she was wrong.  “In my mind I said, ‘Oh my gosh, I’m working out with senior citizens’ ….and they kicked my a**!  It was amazing to watch them.”  Shawnne was very impressed with the level of fitness these people, older than herself, had achieved. 

When she first joined Driven, Shawnne thought she would just be able to exercise off the weight.  She has since learned that despite exercise being a key component to weight loss, there is more to it than that.  Shawnne was able to drop 6-7 pounds during our Pre-Summer Weight Loss challenge however, after suffering through a personal trauma, she gained back the pounds she had lost, and then some.  Soon Shawnne realized she needed more guidance with her diet and after talking to Hogan, decided to join a weight loss program outside of Driven. being able to work with both in tandem, gave her the tools she needed to take control back and lose 21.5 pounds!  

Shawnne can honestly say that Driven has changed her life. The structure that the workouts provide has carried over to her home life. She has learned how to prioritize, and that discipline has made her so much happier. “If Im going to do it, I’ve got to be committed and do it. I WANT to come in and do my workout…this is the mindset I’ve got now…and I’ve gotten it from Driven.”  Not only is she more focused on tasks, but she actually has the energy to achieve them. She has achieved things at Driven that she didn’t think possible before (chin ups!), and that increased strength has, in turn, boosted her confidence.  Shawnne’s goal for her future is simple – “I still have some weight I want to lose, and then I want to maintain it for the rest of my life! That is my goal.” 

Awesome goal from an awesome lady! Great job Shawnne, you have a lot to be proud of!