Member of the Month: Zeb Glidden

//Member of the Month: Zeb Glidden

Member of the Month: Zeb Glidden

Anyone who took part in the facility’s most recent challenge will understand why Zeb is this month’s member of the month. If you’re unaware it’s probably only a matter of time before he tells you himself.  That coupled with just having lost over 20 pounds in under 4 weeks makes Zeb an easy pick.

Was Zeb always this dominating? The answer may surprise you… “I was always the chubby kid growing up. After high school I had a brief period where I took fitness more serious. From there it was all ups and downs. Life hit. I wouldn’t say you don’t have control over letting yourself go but you gotta pay bills, you gotta go to work, you gotta do things that you didn’t have to do in your early 20’s. It sucks. You know you can get there with a little bit of motivation. But all this life stuff gets in the way and it kills you. It’s still doable but you just gotta get yourself to do it.”

“My friend Mark Borelli asked me to do a Tough Mudder with him. I knew I was in no shape to be able to do something like that. But I knew I could with a little bit of work. So Mark tricked me…. He’s a jerk. But that’s probably when everything hit me. I started biking and doing some running on my own. I trained pretty hard and got pretty close to where I was in my 20’s. But I needed a different way to train rather than going out and doing my own thing.”

“The following Spring Hudson Bennett had been working out here and had dropped a lot of weight fast. I was always under the assumption that all gyms were just a big place where you go and hop on a treadmill and act like a hamster for a half hour… I had no interest in that. Hudson said that wasn’t the way it was here and pushed me to try it…. and its …been all downhill from there…”

“I wanted to lose a bunch of weight and get wicked strong. I just felt disgusted when I looked back and compared myself now to where I was in my early 20’s. I think it helped that I had a taste of it. It wasn’t like I had never been fit before. I knew it could be done.”

Fast forward four years: “I feel great now. I look forward to this. I wake up in the morning and look forward to coming. For the workouts and for the community.  My pants and shirts are baggy now. I’m way more flexible. I can come in and move around with some of the most fit people in here and give them a run for their money. I just feel 100% better. You finish the workout and you’re just mentally ready to go for the day.”

“I’ve been able to start my own business since starting. I sit in a machine and cut trees all day. Mechanized logging. If I hadn’t been here I’d be 400 pounds. I’d be fat and miserable. I wouldn’t have met as many people as I have either. There are friendships that have been built here that go way outside of this facility now.”

“You have to make the time to do it. For people who say they don’t have any time to do it… they’re full of crap. They have no problem sitting in front of the TV every night with a bowl of ice cream for an hour. They could be going for a walk. They could be doing something. I wake up an hour earlier than everyone else and come here. That’s my way of doing it. If you’re just starting out then get your nutrition in order and start slow with the exercise and then ramp it up as you go.”